prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Catalogue of Disasters

Before I start moaning, an update on the found tablet thing. The guy who it belonged to picked up the email the next day and responded. I gave him my address and he came around to collect it. He was very happy, and brought me a big bunch of flowers and a box of Thornton's chocolates, which was very nice of him. So it all worked out in the end.

Now today, absolutely hilarious. So there I am leaving work. It's just after four, so although I think the sun has technically set, it's still almost completely light and there would probably be no need for lights, but some of the cars are displaying them and being on a bike I'm more vulnerable than them, so it seemed sensible to follow suit. Then halfway down Cottingham road, I heard the sound of something falling. I looked around to seems rear light on the road. I break, thinking I'll be able to retrieve it when, before I can turn around, there is a crunch noise as it is run over by a police car. Great. A bit annoyed, I continue on my way, debating with myself whether it is worth stopping at Ken Elleker to see if they have any lights the same make, so I don't need a new bracket, or whether it would be better to get home before he rain that had just starter got any heavier, when my bike came to an abrupt and unexpected stop. Puzzled, I noticed the reason quickly enough. The front mud guard had called halfway off, allowing it to get caught in the spokes of the wheel. It was twisted up beyond repair and the bike wasn't going anywhere. I lifted it onto it's back wheel and pushed it off tho road, then extracted the mud guard from the wheel. I couldn't get it off because it was still partially attached so I had to twist it upwards so it wouldn't fall back onto the wheel. Part of it though, didn't want to twist and insisted on touching the tyre, making a noise a bit like a remote controlled car as I pushed it (couldn't ride) home. Luckily I only live 2miles from work!

Tags: real life, via ljapp
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