prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Old fic

So, I was going through some old X-Men fic I wrote back after First Class came out. There was one that I remembered posting anon in the kinkmeme that was all about Erik kind of stealing Charles' disability out of guilt and being too stubborn to give it back. I remember writing that one, and it's actually pretty good, but then there's this other one, and it's Charles/Erik and it is kinky as fuck. (by my standards, that is. Not sure how they compare to other peoples's) I mean seriously. And although I must have written it because I recognise my writing style and it is 100% my kink! I have no memory of it. I don't know if I posted it in the meme, or if I there was a prompt and I gave it a go but didn't like the result, or if I just wrote it for the hell of it when I was drunk one night. Now I've found it though, I kind of want to post it somewhere...

There are also a couple of half finished things there too that have potential, I've got a bunch of new ones of them too now. I am overrun by plot bunnies!
Tags: fanfic, x-men
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