prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

4 1/2 hours to Dr Who!

I really hope the new Dr Who doesn't suck! I'm really looking forward to it, it'd be a huge disappointment if it did. I can't help noticing they've put it on opposite Ant and Dec. And they both aimed at the same audience. I reckon a lot of people who might have watched Dr Who just out of interest won't because they want to see Saturday Night Takeaway.

Well, I know what I'm going to be watching. Ant and Dec. Yep, that's right. My mum is an addict and she's not that fussed about Dr Who (I think the fact that Billie Piper is in it put her off) so I'm going to end up taping Dr Who and watching it later. I can't do it the other way around because if Dr Who is good (which I'm hoping it is) I'm going to want to tape it and keep them until the DVDs come out.
Tags: doctor who
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