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Time wasting (my favourite hobby!)

The number of times I spend the day doing nothing...
Oh well, it's kinda fun I guess. So, today I got up, read fanfic for an hour until my mum insisted I got dressed, played about removing lamp posts and cranes and other random stuff from some of my last years holiday photos, printed of a lot (a lot) of my favourite fanfics and lounged about reading some more (printing them off solves the problem where my mum thinks it's a waste of the computer to just be reading), watched Dr Who again, with my sister who missed it yesterday, then watched all the stuff that's normally on telly, then watched a few episodes of Due South, then came on the computer again.

Thinking about it, it's not like I really did nothing though, is it? It's just I did nothing anyone would be impressed by! Anyway, all the reading has inspired me to do some writing, so it's not completely wasted!
Tags: doctor who, due south, fanfic
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