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Answer for question 4326.

Which languages do you speak or read? If you know multiple languages, why did you learn more than just your native language? If you could learn another language fluently, which would it be and why?
I've always been fascinated by languages. At primary school I read a reading book about a man who spoke a hundred languages. I also watched the Man from UNCLE and fell in love with Ilya's language prowess. I wanted to be like that. Unfortunately, I don't have enough of a knack to learn a hundred languages!

My dad taught me to count in French when I was maybe six or so, but apart from that I didn't really learn anything until I was 10 and going to a taster day at secondary school I wound up in a German class. After that I really wanted to learn German. I knew that when I went to secondary school, I'd be allocated French or German, and I was thrilled to find out I got German.

I did that all the way through secondary school. I got to do French for a year, but the teacher was always changing and I never got on with it. But I continued German through A Level and then did European studies at university, which involved a year in Austria. While at Uni, I also studied Spanish, which I do okay at, and Dutch, which I don't so much. While I was in Austria I also tried out Russian and Serbo-Croat,

Since then I've taken classes in Russian (again), in Chinese, in French (again), but apart from German and Spanish I don;t have a particularly good level of fluency. I've also tried on my own to learn Japanese and Greek. Also, not too successfully, though I've retained a few useful words of each. And that's about it, I think.

However, in my job at the moment, I think Polish, Czech or Romanian might be more useful. Or maybe Arabic, which I have always wanted to study, actually. Maybe I'll look into it.
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