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I'm not sure what happened on Friday night. I watched some TV, then went up to bed, but decided instead of sleeping to write a bit about the Frog brothers and their relationship to drugs, because I'd been thinking about it recently. So I got out my computer and rambled on for quite a bit, and then I woke up, laying on top of my bed still fully clothed but without my computer, which was sitting on a chair at the other side of the room. I checked my blog and I hadn't posted anything. I have no idea what happened. Now, I had been drinking, but only three bottles of beer and one shot of whiskey with my dad. I wasn't wasted. I am still baffled. The stuff I'd written is still on the computer though, I'll check how coherent it is and then maybe post it later.

I've not written anything this weekend. There was an Aven meet in Hull, so I obviously had to go to that. Had a great time hanging out with some very cool aces all day Saturday and Sunday. Now I'm exhausted though, so I'm probably not going to be writing much tonight either. Never mind, I have a day off on Tuesday, I'll maybe catch up then.
Tags: aven, real life
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