prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Register to be a stem cell donor

I'm part-way through the process of registering to be a stem cell donor. There was an appeal on the intranet at work recently asking for employees to register as there is a guy in London working for the company who has leukemia and there are no compatible donors on the register. He isn't going to survive if they don't find a match by the end of May.

I'm not likely to be a match for him because his done if they are out there is more likely to be from a south Asian background, but it is not impossible, and being added to the register means they won't only test for a match to him, but to anyone else who needs a donor.

It's really easy to register. You just fill out a form on and they post you a swab kit. You just swap the inside of your cheeks and send it back to them in a pre-paid envelope and they test it and add you to the register. If they find someone that you're a match for, you'll be asked to donate. 90% of the time it's done by taking blood from your arm, removing the stem cells and replacing it back into your body, so it's not a particularly scary thing. I give blood anyway. And by registering you get added to the worldwide list. It's possible to register from any country, you just need to find out who you register with where you are.

So, why not register yourself. You might end up saving a life.
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