prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Well, it's official, five more years of Tory cuts and austerity. How depressing.

Hull voted Labour, all three constituencies here always do. So at least there's that. Personally, I went for Green. I usually vote Labour (except last time when I'm ashamed to say I voted Lib Dem) but in a seat like Hull North you know that Labour won't be defeated, so there is no need to vote tactically to keep, say, UKIP out so I figured I might as well vote for the party I believe is the best. I believe in the Green's policies (except for a referendum on the EU, I like being in the EU and I'm afraid that people might not think it through and vote to leave without realising the problems it might cause) and they are the only party that is against fracking. They got 2066 votes here, compared to only 478 in the last general election.

One good thing about the result though, is that UKIP did so badly. One MP! And Farage lost. Ha! They did, however, get a hell of a lot of votes, and came second in a lot of places, it's just the way our voting system works means that the number of votes you get doesn't translate to the number of seats you win, unlike in a lot of countries. I've always been a supporter of proportional representation, but having seen this result I'm re-thinking it. I mean, there is an argument for saying that if 15% of voters want UKIP in power they should get 15% of seats, but I really really don't want them to have any power at all! On the other hand, if people knew that their vote had a greater chance of getting there chosen party some power, maybe they would a) be more likely to vote in the first place (only 55.5% turnout in Hull North) and b) be more likely to vote for the party they think best represents them, instead of like many people d, thinking "Well, Labour always wins here, so there's no point voting for Green /no point voting at all."

It's a tough one. I think proportional representation would benefit the smaller parties, and that would make for a better system because although it's not as bad here as in the US, it is still pretty much a two party system. But on the other hand, there are smaller parties (UKIP) that I do not want to see benefiting from anything! I think If we had another referendum on it though, I would still vote for proportional representation. If Cameron follows through on his promise of an EU referendum, I'm voting to stay in!

Sorry for all the politics. Normal fangirling will resume shortly.
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