prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

So, the three archeologists that love next door are having a party again. It's loud, I can literally hear everything they are saying. There's this one guy with a Geordie accent who keeps going "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah." and they're singing along with terrible music that I don't recognize. At least sometimes they have the decency to play something I like.

Now a really drunk sounding woman just slurred happy birthday. I guess that's what the party is for.

I don't mind normally, usually I find it funny, but I'm working tomorrow and it's the rubbish shift where I have to stand up all day and the party has only just started, so it's probably going to be going on till 4am again.

A random song started up and they all just yelled "Gary." Must be his favorite song. Whoever he is.

In other news, I finally made a Daredevil related icon. I used the online photo editing program. It's not that bad actually, but I may have been spoiled by all those years of Printshop Pro. I think I;m going to have to buy that software. What I really want now is a pic of Foggy as an icon, but I can't find the prefect one. That's my task for tomorrow night.
Tags: real life
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