prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I'm back :)

I actually had a pretty good time. I'm exhausted, but holiday's tend to do that to me, especially sharing a room with my niece, who gets up at stupid times like 5am and declares that it;s morning because the sun is up. By the end of the week she had started either sneaking out in the middle of the night to get into bed with her mum and dad, or (on the last two nights) actually sleeping through the night. So that was better!

The weather was pretty terrible, unfortunately. The first few days were all wind that took all the heat out of the sun, then we got a few good days, and then it clouded over completely and rained. Then the wind came back. Ironically, this morning was beautiful. The rest of the week is supposed to be nice. Hopefully it'll be nice in Hull too, because I still have another week off work.

We did quite a lot though, probably because of the weather rather than despite it. If it had been warm wed have most likely just been on the beach all the time, as it was we went to a zoo, the SeaLife centre, into Yarmouth a few times, went out for a few meals, went to the pub at night and played dominoes while listening to the worst karaoke imaginable, and of course the (terrible) kids club, which Poppy really liked though.

I don't know if I'll go on another holiday like that though. I'm starting to feel like the odd one out. I mean, there's Jennie and Martin and Poppy, there's my mum and dad, and then there's me sort of stuck on my own. I feel like I'm just tagging along half the time, and I know that's my issue and not theirs, but I do feel like on the days when we split up and do things separately, I'm intruding if I go with Jennie and Martin, and if I stay with my Mum and Dad either the same or I'm bored because they just want to stay inside and read or whatever, which I'm all for on holiday but I'd rather do it on the beach or I may as well be at home. When well all hang out together it's sort of okay, but I do still feel a bit in the way. Totally my issue, as I've said, but it is an issue nonetheless.

We're going to Center Parcs in December, but that's kind of different. There may not be too many of these holidays in then ext few years anyway. I think Jennie is pregnant again, or trying to be. She hasn't actually said anything to anyone yet, but she didn't touch a drop of alcohol the whole time we were there, and she's been acting strangely, not something I can put my finger on specifically, just not quite like she normally does. And then I noticed a carrier bag with folic acid tablets in it, which pretty much confirms it. I'll act surprised when (if) she announces.

Anyway, now I'm back it's time to concentrate on fic, because not surprisingly I've not had much chance to write while I was away.
Tags: holiday, real life
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