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I'm back

I am so addicted to the internet! Really. I hadn't realised how bad it had got. Half the time I was away I was wishing I could get online. That can't be a good thing! Well, never mind. I'm not going to try to cut back or anything. But wow, I am so addicted!

Aside from withdrawal symptoms, I had an okay time. I had to share a room with my sister, as always, and she drove me completely insane. She is so impossible to live with! And my nana bought a new folding bed, one designed for 12 year olds or something, I think. My feet hung off the end of it!

We spent one day in London, where I spent the day walking really quickly trying to catch up with my fast-walking, long-legged dad and sister, went in the science museum, which was rubbish and full of kids and boring stuff like old trains, and the natural history museum which was cool. Then we got cheep tickets to see The Producers, which was really funny.

My cousin made me help him with his stuff for his German Oral, then kicked me repeatedly the whole time we were eating our dinner, threw water all over me and took millions of pictures with is new camera film. Weird kid.

Okay, it sounds like I had crap time, but I didn't, it was okay really! :-D And now I'm happy, because I'm on the internet again!
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