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Stupid frelling smegging fracking bloody bastard fucking shitty video recorder!
I went to all the bother of explaining to my mum how to record stuff for me while I was away. She managed to do it fine and the video just didn't work. There was no sound and the picture kept fading in and out. Which means I can't watch Enterprise or Dead Like Me until whenever they're on again! I hate the video! We only got it a year ago, but it sucked from day one and my dad refused to take it back because "It'll do"!

Well, now I'm going to be paranoid it won't work when I'm taping something I'm really bothered about. Like Dr Who or something. We need a new one!

Talking of Dr Who, it's all over the news that Christopher Eccleston isn't doing another series. That means if there is another (and judging by the ratings there should be (I hope!)) he's going to have to regenerate. And since he's the 9th Doctor, he can only regenerate 3 more times. It's 12, right? I think a timelord can only regenerate 12 times. They can't have actors playing the part for only 13 episodes each, that's just stupid!
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