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prepare4trouble appears to be malfunctioning. Again. it won;t let me upload anything. Why I keep using that site, I'm not entirely sure. Misguided loyalty due to how long I;ve been there, I suppose. This latest fic is not going to be going up there tonight though. I should have been asleep hours ago.

I got roped into working an extra Saturday last week. There's a girl at work who had been rota;d on for this coming Saturday and had someone visiting for just that day. She asked if I;d do it for her, and because I honestly lack the capacity to say no if someone asks me something outright, I agreed, as long as I could still get a lieu day during the week. But now she's decided to call in sick today, and so I have no idea whether I;m working on Saturday or not, because she is prone to taking weeks off at the moment due to some pregnancy issues she's having. But Saturday is Hull Pride, and I would love to go if I;m not working. I hope I;ll find out tomorrow. But then, even if she is off for the week, there;s still a good chance they'll ask me to cover her shift on Saturday, since they already now know I;m free(ish). I hate uncertainty.

In random other news, my niece is a Hulk fan. I have no idea where that came from, but now whenever she sees me with my iPad, she demands that I read her the Hulk on Marvel Unlimited. Which would be fine, but I don't know the Hulk that well, so I don"t know if there's going to be something inappropriate on the next page. Also, she's four. And more than a little interested in death to the point that whenever someone gets punched, she asks if they're dead and then starts talking about her guinea pig that died. It's kind of sad, and I literally never know what to say. I think she's been traumatized by the whole thing. She also thinks Captain America is cool, and she sees this cushion I have with a star on it as a Captain America shield, and I have to be the bad guy and try to beat her up while she blocks me with it. It's pretty hilarious actually. She is also having me read her my collection of Thundercats comics from the 80s. She's probably going to end up a total geek. This is good...

But the thing about death has to stop. I'm worried about it. Should I speak to my sister again? She does't seem particularly bothered, but then she had never read the Hulk with the kid.
Tags: comics, fanfic, real life, work
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