prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I got home from work today to find my brother Matthew asleep on the sofa. A half hour or so later, the groaning started. He does love groaning, he does it when he has to wake up in a morning, when he's hung over, when he can't be bothered going upstairs... It's because he's an attention seeker, it drives me crazy. I retreated to my room to avoid it.

he was genuinely sick this time though. In the end I wound up calling 111 and getting him an appointment at the out of hours GP surgery. I was going to take him because myd dad was being really hostile about it and saying he has no sympathy at all and he was off to the gym, but as soon as he got the appointment he decided he would take him. Okay, whatever. It meant I had chance to post a new chapter of my fic. Anyway, Matthew's got some kind of nasty sinus infection and they've given him antibiotics. I still think the groaning was probably a bit excessive though.

I've had earache all day. I hope it's not the beginnings of the same thing...

Tags: real life
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