prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Not going to see Ant Man..

I am so ridiculously mad with my dad.

So, Ant Man came out last week, and I really wanted to see it. My dad didn't, and so I was going to go with someone else, but then he talked to some friends of his who told him that it looked really good, and he suddenly changed his mind. Great, so we'll go. We arranged to go on Tuesday. Yesterday, he mentioned that he needed to text his friend Pat about the times. That's fine, because she often goes with us to see films and I kind of know her. But then today he mentioned that he wanted to get y mum's Meercat Movies code, even though we already have mine. So I asked why, was someone else going? Yes, he says, he went out to lunch with a bunch of people the other day and told them he was going, and they all wanted to see it too, so he doesn't know how many, but there will probably be about seven of them.

So at this point I got kinda mad, because I really don't want to go with a huge gang of people I don't know. And he get all bewildered, like what's the problem, and I simply can;t understand why he doesn't get why it's an issue for me. Hello, social anxiety? So now he's going to see the film I want to see that he wasn't even bothered about, and I'm not. I'm going next week with Jennie. Which means I have to wait a whole other week.

I'm absolutely furious with him, and he doesn't understand why.

Well, he's not getting my Meercat Movies code.
Tags: family stuff, movies, real life
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