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It's hard to believe that this time last week Matthew was alive and well. Okay, not entirely well, what with the massive sinus infection he hadn't been able to shake, but he was doing okay. Or he thought he was. Now, we've arranged his funeral.

It's going to be nice. He's having a natural burial, where they use a biodegradable coffin and place him in the natural area of the cemetery, where everything is left to grow wild. He'd have lived that, he was very into being in tune with nature, and I think the idea of becoming one with the earth would have appealed to him. Well, as much as possible considering the circumstances. The service beforehand is at the crematorium, but that's only because that's the only place in the area with a large enough room, though have a horrible feeling it;s not actually going to be large enough. It fits 150 people, but already I've had over 100 tell me they're coming, and it was all only finalised and announced this afternoon. I'm arranging the whole thing via Facebook, I've created a group called Remembering Mob, where people are posting some really lovely photos and recollections of him that never fail to make me cry, and within the group I've created an event, which is the funeral, which people click to say they're coming. I can't help but think that that part feels a little weird, but it is literally the only way I could think of to get all the information out to his many many friends (We have 278 people in the group so far)

When that's all done, we've booked a room at a local pub where we're going to play some of his favourite music, including some songs he did himself, and show some of the images from the group on a projector. I feel like it'll be a nice way to remember him, not that it would ever be possible to forget.

Remembering Mob Facebook group
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