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Well, so much for posting more often!

I was going back over old (old, old) blog entries last night in an attempt to figure out when we did certain things, trying to like of piece together a timeline of holidays we've been on, when my brother moved in and out, when my sister was here with her boyfriend, stuff like that. It was (unsurprisingly) really useful to be able to just read it all. So I should really update more offen because 10 years from now I might be trying to do the same thing.

Also, just because I want to.

We are officially less than a week away from the new season of Daredevil! I'm so ridiculously excited! I'm also pretty pissed off that I'm working next Saturday, which ruins my plans to stay up really late Friday night watching it, then roll out of bed whenever on Saturday and resume. Never mind, I'm determined to get through the whole season before the following Friday when I'm off to Disneyland in Paris.

It's my first time there. I'm going with my mum and my niece. My sister is staying home with the new baby because she thinks it's be too difficult to be there with a two month old. She's probably right. Shame though. But she did go last year and I didn't.

I'm writing fanfic again! I've squeezed out a couple a few months ago, but for some reason it felt like a struggle and I couldn't concentrate to work on my longer fic, suddenly it seems to be working again. In even accepting kink meme prompts again. But be something to do with the looming next season.

I went it last night and saw Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot at city hall. I was real near the front, like row 3. It was an amazing show. I mean, I thought their last one was good, but this was fantastic. They did a lot of Beautiful South songs, but a few of their own too. Then two encores, during the first one, a load of massive balloons (like two meters wide) were thrown into the audience and we were all hitting them around, then we got showered with gold confetti, which I just found a bit of sticking to my face this morning. Oops!

Well, better get out of bed. I take my niece to karate on a Sunday. I wish I hadn't stayed up til 2 after the show. But I'm pretty thankful I managed to stop myself after 3 glasses of wine!
Tags: daredevil, fanfic, real life
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