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Second DD thoughts

I'm feeling a little bit more positive about the series, having had a few days to process it. My last post was written within minutes of finishing episode 13, and since then I have kind of taken a break from the series. I did consider re-ratching season one, and I will definitely do that at some point in the not too distant future, but I think that for now I want two to be the more vivid in my mind.

I may have been a little harsh, especially in some of the things I said about Karen. I also didn't come close to touching on what a tremendous fuck up Matt had made of everything this season. Looking at things from Foggy's perspective I can completely understand why he did what he did.

Parallels have been drawn here between Matt's daredeviling and an addiction and although I don't know whether that is completely accurate, there are certainly parallels there. Speaking as someone who has known an addict, lived with one, been family with one, you do see echoes of that in the way Matt's life begins to unravel, slowly at first and then faster and faster as it gains momentum and he spends more and more time as Daredevil and less as Matt Murdock. You see it in Foggy's anger at him, like they have been over it a thousand times and for all that Matt loves him, he simply can't stop his self destructive behavior. You also see it in the way that Foggy jumps to conclusions about things, when he assumes that things went wrong when matt was questioning Frank Castle on the stand because Matt purposefully went off script and messed it up; he won't even listen to his explanation because he knows (rightly or wrongly) its the drugs daredevil addiction talking.

Making that final decision to actually close the firm was quite a brave move, and I know that it's not like he had absolutely no safety net, I wonder whether he would have done the same if the cushy job with the corner office hadn't been waiting for him. I wonder equally whether he would have still gone through with it if Matt had asked him not to when they run into each other that last time in the office. Foggy said that he was relieved that he hadn't, was that because he knew he wouldn't have been able to hold out, he would have agreed to stay and continue enabling Matt and making himself increasingly miserable.

Sometimes - some would argue always - the only way to help an addict is to allow them to hit rock bottom. Whether that was Foggy's intention or not, shutting down the firm will go a long way toward allowing that to happen. Especially now, with Elektra gone, Stick no doubt not planning on sticking (ha) around, Claire having had enough of him, and his friendship with Foggy very much on the rocks. I wonder though whether Foggy will be able to cut that final chord and really leave Matt on his own. I can't see it, somehow. In my head, even if they aren't working together for the time being, they will still be maybe not friends, but certainly close acquaintances.

Matt telling Karen wasn't a surprise at all, given the fact that he has lost everybody else that knows his secret. Telling another person who has both feet more or less planted in the read world, dragging them partially into his world will give him back some of the grounding that Foggy gave him, while at the same time meaning that he doesn't have to pretend anymore to anyone that really knows him.

I's have been fascinated to see this happen a little earlier in the series, so see some of Karen's reaction to it, because there are so many ways that it could go, and I don’t want to have to wait for the next series to find out.

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