prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Boaty McBoatface

I heard about this the other day and I've been kind of snickering about it ever since. See, the Natural Environment Research Council are getting a new boat commissioned, a polar research vessel costing £200million, and they have decided to let the public decide on the name. Big mistake. See, they didn't count on the public's slightly ridiculous sense of humour. Some guy decided to make the suggestion of calling the boat Boaty McBoatface, and unsurprisingly, it is currently the frontrunner by quite a long way (73082 votes, as opposed to the next most popular one with 6990 votes.)

Unfortunately, the rules state that the winner will be chosen by the NERC rather than based entirely on the vote, which means that the RRS Boaty Mcboatface probably won't be setting sail anytime soon, but it's still hilarious.

The vote is open till 16th April, so in anyone wants to help pick a name, the site is but I warn you it keeps going down due to too much traffic.
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