prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Transporting food

Do you ever watch those airline security programs? You know the ones set at customs where they find all the weird crap that people have decided to bring into the country without declaring? There's usually someone with drugs, someone with some awful, maggot filled thing that's a delicacy in their won country, and then (usually on the Australian ones) you get these Chinese families who have said they have no food, but actually have cases and cases full of stuff. Not even totally weird stuff (sometimes it is, like birds nest) just everyday stuff, bought in a store and not at all terrifying. They usually get a huge fine for not declaring it and often refuse to pay and have it seized. And all the while you're watching, you're thinking "What the fuck? Do they not know they have food in Australia?"

Well, that's my mum right now. We're going to France tomorrow, to Disneyland, and you should see the stuff she's packing; bags of crisps, pot noodles, mugshots, teabags, UHT milk. It's hilarious, it's like she actually doesn't know that food exists in France too. I get why though, Disneyland is expensive, she's thinking if we don't want to eat out every meal it'd be good to not have to. But that won't make us look any less crazy as we go through security.
Tags: holiday
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