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Funniest moment of the holiday:
Going through security at the little gate near the hotels, I sent my bag through the scanner and then walked through the gate, and the guy on he other side started staring at me. I kind of shifted nervously and then looked at my mum to check I hadn't missed him saying something but she didn't appear to have noticed anything. I looked back at the guy, he was still staring. I smiled and went to pick up my bag, thinking if the scanner thought it had found something he would stop me and ask to look inside. Instead, he looked at me more intently and said "Irish!"

I had to laugh. He was playing guess the nationality and he had been trying to place the black hair blue eyes combination!. He wasn't far wrong actually, although I'm English, my name is O'Brien and I'm of Irish descent. I feel a bit bad for not just telling him he was right, but I was just too surprised to think at the time.

Then there was the guy on the turnstiles at the Disneyland park itself who took out tickets and said "O'Brien. I've known some O'Briens in my time..." I didn't know quite what to say to that either!

Hilarious stuff! 😂😂😅
Tags: holiday, random rambling, real life
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