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Home again

I'm back from Center Parcs. I know I've been going there since I was about 10, but I think it's still one of my favorite holiday locations. I love how the wildlife comes to your door to be fed. When we arrived we had three ducks come up to the back door begging for food, we were visited by squirrels and swans and all kinds of birds, and at night a bunch of mice came and cleared up the leftovers. And the pool at Sherwood is just so awesome, especially the slides and the Rapids, which I must have been down about 50 times. Poppy is old enough to go down the more gentle first half now, so she just kept insisting I go with her again and again. My favorite slide is the bid tube slide though. It's supposed to have little LEDs above you all the way down but it was broken this week so it's pitch black the whole way down, which you might not think is good, but is actually really is because it makes all the twists and turns much more unexpected.

I'm covered in bruises though, mostly from the Rapids. We call them Rapids wounds and they are kind of a mark of honor, in a silly, jokey way.

I also kind of love how inclusive the whole place is. Like most of the restaurants have vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free etc menus, which is massively refreshing after the choice of vegetarian food in Disneyland! (mostly a choice of vegiburger and chips or margarita pizza) Also, little things, like all the maps placed around the village are also tactile maps, and everywhere is set up to be helpful to people with kids or breastfeeding mums, like it's easy to get prams everywhere, and they actually have sheltered buggy parking outside everywhere. Not I need those, but it's very nice that it's there for people who do. It's also lovely that there are no cars in the village. Even if you do get a bit wet when it rains, it's nice to go for a walk and not see any cars, just hoards of people walking and cycling around. So yeah, definitely my favorite holiday, at least within the UK. I'm not saying I'd choose it over a fortnight in Santorini, but for somewhere an hour and a half up the motorway, it's seriously awesome.

I do however always return absolutely exhausted because it's a pretty active holiday. Luckily I'm not back at work til Monday, so now I get to rest up and write some fanfic and catch up on some comics on Marvel Unlimited for a few days. Well, after the laundry is done!
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