prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Show us your hardest face

Three days ago, I was randomly added to a Facebook group called "Show us your hardest face". I was baffled. But it turned out to be something a couple of friends of my brother had made because they'd been talking about how he liked pulling stupid faces. So they created a group and posted pics of themselves pulling faces like they were about to beat someone up. It was pretty funny, so I stayed in it, and even posted one myself (it's not very good though). But since then it's kind of taken off. People added their friends, who added their friends, you know how it works. And today someone from the local paper contacted them to ask if they could write an article about it.

It went up this evening, and prompted a whole load more people to join. Now, I'm really not a fan of the Hull Daily Mail. It's generally badly written, badly researched and they put all their articles on Facebook, prompting uneducated morons to say awful things that they don't seem to bother to moderate. When Matthew died, they wrote an article about him, which was okay, actually, but the comments on it were horrible. But this is actually pretty funny.

My picture didn't make it into the article, luckily. But then, I doubt they'd use such a rubbish one anyway. The ones they did use are good :-)
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