prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Damn you Sky!

I had just started to successfully get my mum not Agents of SHIELD by watching it with her on Sky boxsets, when they randomly made it unavailable. This is just months after Amazon Prime did the same thing to someone I work with with the same show. So annoying. This is why you still need to have DVDs of everything, because on demand is great, when the thing you're demanding is available.

I wonder if Daredevil will ever be released on DVD. Probably not, being a Netflix thing they'll probably leave it just on there forever. Which is fine, if it stays on there. Sort of. I'd still rather own a copy.

Luckily, there's this Marvel 2 DVDs for £12.99 thing going on at the moment, so I've ordered SHIELD from Amazon. I need it anyway. Unluckily, season 2 isn't included in the offer, and literally the only other thing included that I don't have is Iron Man 2. I didn't get that because I didn't really like it that much. Well, I'm getting it now. Also unluckily, and probably because of the offer, the Agents of SHIELD DVD will not ship for 10-12 days. Sigh. Never mind, at least I'll get it eventually. I would say maybe they'll put the same offer on next year and I can get season 2 and Civil War, but let's be honest; there's no way I'm not going to be buying Civil War the day it's released.

In other unrelated news, I still can't hear properly. Still bunged up and everything's muffled. I think the buzzing in my ear - which isn't so much buzzing as a loud, continuous, electric-y tone like the old TV in the kitchen makes then the volume is switched down - is getting louder. Not sure how long I should let this continue before I go to the doctor.
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I'd love for them to release the DVDs for Daredevil, I've been waiting for the news for ever! Imagine all the behind the scenes and other extras we would get to enjoy. Didn't they release the DVDs for House of Cards? Cause if they did, there's still hope we'll get ours one day? *fingers crossed*

Don't wait too long before going to see the doctor. Take care of yourself *hugs*
Oh, so they did. Well, that's good news. It makes sense from Netflix's point of view to release them on DVD anyway, because most of the people buying it will probably be Netflix subscribers wanting their own copy or wanting the see the extras. Especially now there's a second season on there for them to hold off on a DVD release of, there's no reason for them not to do it.

Except just to annoy us... :)

I watched the first episode of House of Cards the other day. Looks good, I'm going to have to keep watching now!

Thanks. Evil!cold has improved slightly today, and I can almost hear properly again. The ringing in my ear's not going away though, but I think I can avoid a trip to the doctor this time.