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A ramble on Doctor Who

The second episode was great! I don't know if I can say I enjoyed it more than the first, because I don't think it'll ever beat the "Wow! New Doctor Who!" factor that the first episode had. But story-wise, it was probably better. So, for some bizarre reason, the Doctor decides it would be fun to take Rose 5 billion years into the future so she can watch her planet being destroyed. The Doctor's an odd guy, isn't he? Not that that's news to anyone!

Stuff goes wrong, an evil psycho piece of skin with a face that is the last human in the universe tries to kill everyone, and the Doctor saves the day. Not Rose his time. She did enough saving the day last week, so this week while all the interesting stuff is happening, she's locked in a room with the screen that blocks out the deadly heat from the sun going wrong and almost frying her.

If anyone hasn't seen it, please don't judge on my little summery there, I am very bad at explaining things, and I've just reread it and realised that i made the episode sound crap! It wasn't crap, it was great!

The most interesting thing, I thought, was the angsty bits. I'm a total angstaholic, so I'm very intrigued. So, Gallifrey has been destroyed. The Doctor is the last of the Time Lords. Interesting. I know it's going to come up sooner or later (probably sooner) but I really want to know what happened. Did the Daleks destroy them? Because that would make for a cool story. Plus maybe an opportunity for revenge in the episodes with the Daleks (which I can't wait for anyway!)

One thing that I can't help wondering though - Why, when he is obviously so upset be the destruction of his own world, did the Doctor decide to take Rose to see the Earth be destroyed. It seems a little cruel really. Maybe he wanted her to understand a bit of how it felt. Or something. I don't know. It just seemed like a strange place to take her!

The tree woman (what was her name) was all surprised about what the Doctor was (and no mention of him being half human, I notice!) so presumably by 5 billion year in the future, Time Lords don't exist at all? Well, that's a bit weird, isn't it? Even if at some point in history they were all killed, they could have travelled in time and visited other eras before that. Well, I know most of the Time Lords don't go adventuring all over time and space like toe Doctor, so I suppose they would still be pretty rare. but here's a question. How can you destroy a race that can travel through time? Whoever they were at war with would be at quite a disadvantage. If I was about to be wiped out by some evil whatever and I could travel in time, I'd pop in my TARDIS and rematerialise a hundred years or so in the future in another part of the universe. Unless that's too complicated to bother with in the story, but if it's not, then either there are other Time Lords out there somewhere, or whoever destroyed them either could travel in time or could stop them from travelling in time. If that makes any sense.

Know what I hate? Not knowing what's going to happen next!

Please ignore most of this, it's late, I'm tired, and I'm just doing the rambling thing again. By the morning when I re-read it, I'm going to be thinking about what an idiot I am. Ah well!

I think I need a Doctor Who icon. Not one of the Doctor though, I don't think. Not this Doctor anyway (cool as he is). Maybe The TARDIS. Or a Dalek, depending on who the new Dalek eps are. Or maybe the new Doctor would be a good one.
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