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finally went to see the new X-Men film last night. It's been out for over a week now, so I'm really late seeing it! We were supposed to go on Tuesday, with that being cheap day, but someone couldn't go so we waited. Anyway, it's so awesome! They've set it another ten years on for DoFP though, which makes me wonder how many more they are going to make, they can't go on putting ten years between each film, or else they're going to catch up to now really quickly.  The first of the original trilogy was made in the 90s after all, and I don't think they're going to go back to using Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen again.  The post credits scene might be hinting at another Wolverine film rather than a 4th X-Men.  Could be Wolverine in an X-Men film though, I guess.  Or some of the X-Men in a Wolverine film.  I dunno.  The end shot there with a team of actual X-Men, just seemed a bit too much like a conclusion to me.

Whenever I watch an X-Men movie, I find myself resisting the urge to complain about it.  It's stupid really, because I know that it's not the comics, and they're not doing it wrong, they're doing it differently, and that's fine.  It's fine in the Avengers, so it's fine here.  But I've been reading the X-Men since I was about 11, and it's weird to change things around like they did, even though I can see why they did it.  I mean, why is Angel some kind of alcoholic cage fighter in Germany?  Well, it's easy to explain actually, if his family kicked him out when they learned he was a mutant, of something.  Or he got kidnapped but the badguys, because he's obviously not there of his own free will.  They had to introduce the character and then set him up as one of the Horsemen pretty quickly, and they did it well.  They had his wings injured, they had Apocalypse replace them with the metal ones, it's all very similar, yet I still had to resist the urge to moan!  Never mind, I'm just an idiot! :-)

Finally, Scott Summers!  Cyclops was over one of my favorite characters (Nightcrawler was, and we get him too, yay!) but I love him here.  I find myself wanting to see more of him.  Fic is sadly lacking, but I think it's being released later in the US again, so hopefully more will start to appear soon.

Oh, and Xavier finally gets bald!  And he and Magneto appear almost friendly again.  Ohhh, poor Magneto though.  I just wanted to cry during that scene :-( And why the hell didn't Quicksilver tell him he was his son?  That's the kind of thing it could get super awkward to tell someone when you've known them for a bit.  "Yeah, so, I know I've known you for years, but there's something I've been meaning to mention..."  Maybe not.  He should definitely have told him.
Right, I'm off to hunt for fic..!
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