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My sister told me her friend wrote to P&O Ferries to try to get a job on the boat and they kept her letter on file, then wrote to her a few days ago offering her an interview. I wrote to P&A Ferries and got a "no thanks". Charming. Well, Jennie says her friend also included a bit of writing in German and French to prove she had other languages. She's only got GCSE level though. I wonder if that made a difference? Because maybe I should try again, if they liked her GCSEs, they're gonna like my degree...

I could write a bit in German and Spanish, and maybe Dutch too (despite only having studied it for 2 semesters) since they go from here to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge. And I should totally get on with improving my French, I hate that I don't speak it!

And if that doesn't work, the Debenhams and Tesco are apparently hiring.
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