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Went in town today (and is it my imagination or are there a lot more Doctor Who DVDs being sold everywhere? A Patrick Troughton one was even in the top 30 in WHSmith) didn't buy anything though. There are just so many DVDs I want that I can't decide what to get! Not that I was planning on getting anything today though, I just had to go to the job centre and stuff.

I noticed something weird though. Flags. All over town. Flags at half mast. I'm assuming it's for the Pope, a mark or respect or something. Fair enough, but isn't it a bit weird? I mean if there was always flags up then sure, but they seem to have been put up at half mast and presumably when they're done with they'll be taken down again. I dunno, it just seems odd. Not that I want flags up all the time or anything! I don't like flags...

Anyway, know how you can spot when I'm getting obsessed with a program (even when I'm not writing fic)? I start making zillions of screencaps and counting down how long til the next episode. Well, Doctor Who eps 1 and 2 and thoroughly capped (and 2 is posted over in new_who and there is... 64 1/2 hours til the next episode!

(and my mum specifically requested I don't get obsessed with it!
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