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Slash, ship and Doctor Who

Random thoughts on slash and ship in fanfic

I've been trawling and decided to have a look in the Doctor Who section. Ooops, I so shouldn't have done. Doctor/Rose? Wtf? Oh no. No no no! That's just not right!

I've read a few fics before that looked vaguely shippy, but really it was just friendship, but some of this stuff... ugh. (no offence to the writers, they are actually mostly well written, not like in some fandoms!) Okay, I freely admit it - I hate shippy stuff in any fandom. Except Farscape where there is entirely not enough Zhann/Stark fic (After everything that happened, I'm still not into John/Aeryn). Slash I like. I don't know why that is, maybe because I know it has very little chance of happening in the actual program. Obviously when I'm talking about ship here I'm talking only about m/f pairings, m/m and f/f are slash.

So yeah, slash is good. Ship is...not so good. I don't like it. If anyone can suggest any other reasons why this is, tell me! But I think that I just don't want to see a show overrun by a relationship between two characters. Most shows have a certain degree of chemistry between the characters, that is what makes them enjoyable to watch. And sometimes there is chemistry between a male and female character, sometimes between two males. Fanfic (ship and slash) writers pick up on this and take it further. But in the show itself, the writers would never dare suddenly have two male characters start shagging. A male and a female though, they will. They often do. And I don't want to see that! It often ruins the show for me. (Oddly, I’m fairly convinced that if any of may favourite slash pairings were written into the show, it would improve it immensely!)

Now, Doctor Who is different. I don't want to see any slash in that show either. I don't want to see anything even close to romance stuff. It just doesn't belong there. One of the main reasons I hated the Paul McGann film (along with the whole half human thing!) was the ridiculous thing between the Doctor and that woman (Grace?). I don't want to see the Doctor kissing people. I don't want to see the Doctor getting involved romantically with anyone (male or female). I guess I think of the Doctor as kind of asexual. He has other things on his mind, and falling in love and getting all gross and romantic is really not a high priority.

In the case of Doctor Who, I'm not worried about ship being written into the show, I think Russel T. Davies knows better than that! But all this fanfic... I dunno, it just makes me cringe. Doctor/anyone is just too weird to even contemplate. But I don't think a lot of the new fans realise that!

By the way, I don't mean any offence to anyone, and I really hope I didn't cause any!
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