prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Old files!

Completely bored this evening, I found myself looking through all the old files on my computer that I haven't opened for years. I have a surprisingly large collection of Pokemon, Real Ghostbusters and Randall and Hopkirk screencaps that I had completely forgotten about, MP3s I haven't listened to in years, old scanned magazine interviews with Reeves and Mortimer and fanfic I don't remember writing.

It's the weirdest thing. I mean, I remembered it once I rwad through it, but this morning I had no idea that I had written Lost Boys fanfic, and I had forgotten about the two half finished Red Dwarf fics, the (very bizzare) Highlander/Futurama crossover I attempted and a Farscape fic that appears to be finished. I didn't know I wrote a farscape fic! But there it is. File created 08 December 2001, 01:04:09, modified 08 December 2001, 22:17:52. It's not very good. It's Stark rambling on to Zhaan after she dies. I have no idea what I was thinking really. Ah well!

I noticed that the computer (not mine, the one we share) is nearly completely full. The C drive has 3.63 GB left. So I checket around to see what's using all the space (like I said, I was bored). I couldn't find it, it's probably everything together. But I guess sooner or lated my mum's going to notice the same thing and she'll have a look around herself. When she does, the first place she's going to look is my documents. So I checked there, and found that my files are taking up 8.36 GB! To put that in perspective, my dad uses 246 MB, my mum uses 128 MB, Jennie uses 109 MB, Lee 40.9 MB and Matthew 1.93 MB (but he moved out and took his files with him) So...ooops. I guess I'm in trouble if my mum notices that! I'm going to have to spend most of tomorrow backing up my stuff onto CDs and transfering it to my computer. Then deleting it from this before someone notices! I have been downlaoding a lot of stuff recently!

I think I might go to bed soon, anyway. It'll make a nice change to be asleep before 5am.
Tags: computer, fanfic, farscape, lost boys, random tv, red dwarf
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