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I think the universe is conspiring to stop me watching Traders! Actually, no, it's just my mum. My mum is conspiring...wait, can a person conspire on their own? I don't even think she's doing it on purpose either.

I have three episodes to watch, (thank you perian!) and I can't watch them on the computer because people complain, so I write them onto a disk and watch them on the TV. But I couldn't get near the computer until about 2 this afternoon because my mum was sitting there like some immovable object, asking me to do stuff for her. So I finally get on and write the first one onto a disk, and my mum decides she wants to watch it too (I think I have turned her into a fan!), so I have to watch it then instead of doing the other disks. I couldn't even write one while we were watching because Jennie went on the computer. Then she was on for ages, then my mum went back on, so this is the first chance I've had to get online all day! But I'm taking the opportunity not only to write the other 2 eps onto disks, but to back up all the other episodes on data CDs so I can transfer them to my computer. My mum threatened to wipe the computer today. She threatens it all the time, whenever it's going a bit slowly, but sometimes she actually does it, and if I don't have everything safe, I'll lose it!

The episode of Traders I did see was so funny though, Sally managed to make an arse of herself on TV, and then Donald whacked someone on the head with a croquet stick (or whatever they are called). He's a total klutz! (worked out for the best though!)
And this guy was totally coming on to Jack, and Jack really didn't seem to mind that much. When a guy is coming on to him, most straight men don't agree to meet him for a meal (do they?)... this further encourages me to write the Grant/Donald/Jack thing that I'm not going to write.

Expect more Traders rambling tomorrow, since my mum’s not in and can’t stop me watching. I don’t think.
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