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Once again, my plans to watch Traders were thwarted (I like that word!). Mob (my brother) came round and took over the computer. Luckily, I had written the eps onto disks the day before, so I figured I could watch them anyway, but noooooo. Turns out Mob has a new obsession, something called parkour, which involves running around town jumping of buildings and swinging round stuff, vaulting over stuff etc etc. He described it as 'hardcore urban gymnastics' Fair enough. I never heard of it before. He's determined to master it, anyway. So he spent the day looking it up on the internet, then downloading videos and shouting me to come and watch. It looks pretty cool, actually, although half the time it reminded me of Due South, it looked like stuff Fraser would do!

And he's ordered a DVD about it. So looks like soon when he comes round, he's going to be jumping off the walls and running up and down the fence. Which my mum will love!

So basically, with all the being shouted in to watch parkour, I got all of half an episode of Traders watched, and only in small parts and before being dragged away again! I guess I'll try to watch it now, but Jennie is home, and she hates it (weirdo!).

And then Mob tried to borrow my Nothing DVD. Oh no, no way. He's not the most trustworthy guy when it comes to stuff like that. He's always lending me stuff that he borrowed off his friend who borrowed it of another friend who borrowed it off this guy she works with... I give him a DVD and I doubt I'd ever see it again. (although I told him I wouldn't lend it to anyone!) So he asked if I'd be up for going round to his friend's house tonight and taking it. If his friend is up for it, that is. So, cool. Might be doing that later.

Right. Traders time.
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