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Doctor Who - Aliens of London

Doctor Who and Navin Chowdhry. So cool! Although no offence to the bloke, it's not his acting that's at fault, but since he's one of the people I have no trouble recognising I can't see him as anyone other than Kurt from Teachers. It was the same in NY-LON. Never mind though, I liked Kurt from Teachers!

Random thoughts on Aliens of London

Okay, so I have to jump straight to the end to fall on the floor laughing at the Doctor's line "Excuse me! Would you mind not farting while I'm saving the world?" Hahahahahaha! Loved it!

Also, UNIT! Glad they cropped up, it would have been a bit weird if they hadn't. Not that I actually *like* them that much, they never really interested me, to be honest.

So...what else happened? Oh yeah, aliens are trying to take over the Earth, and they fart a lot! Okay... not something that would have ever turned up in the old Doctor Who, I don't think. But it was pretty funny actually. It shouldn't have been, but it was.

It was so funny at the start when they accidentally turned up a year later. When the Doctor told Rose she'd been gone 12 hours, my mum started going on about how the TARDIS never used to be that accurate (well, it wasn't last week either!) so it was just funny when it went wrong again. Still, at least it landed them in the right place this time.

Mickey is funny! He was much better this episode. Probably because most of the last episode he was in, he was being eaten by wheelie bins, recreated in living plastic and acting really freaked out. That was so funny though, when Rose asks if he has been seeing anyone else and he says no, but mostly because everyone thinks he killed her! Hahaha! Okay, poor him, but still...hahaha! He asked if Rose was going to stay now, and she looked like she was thinking about it. Not that she will, of course, but maybe now he knows the Doctor isn't her boyfriend, she'll agree to come back some time and they can have the most bizarre long distance relationship in the history of...well, everything. That might stop the shippers for a bit too. Well, it won't, but I can hope.

The pig? That was just plain weird. For a minute there, I thought they were going to be aliens that looked like that! That would have been cool, actually.

So then we get a cliff hanger ending. Good, it's about time. I liked the cliff hangers in the old series. When I say liked, I of course mean hated. I have only seen a few episodes that I can remember that were shown as single episodes, but it was always so exciting. Even though you knew the Doctor and whoever else weren't really going to die, there was still this need to know what happens, how they get out of it. Same as with any cliff hanger on any program really. I hated it because I hated the wait, but I liked it because it made it memorable, and it's such a Doctor Who thing, that it's really been noticeable by its absence this series. I don't mind the shorter stories so much, (a lot of fans don't like that) but now that we've had one, it's made me realise how much I missed the cliff hangers.

And yes, I know I probably sound crazy!

That's all. That's the trouble with rambling so long after watching. I forget half of what happened! Ah well, maybe when I watch it again tomorrow with Jennie I'll think of more to say.
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