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Are taxis rubbish everywhere?

Do taxis suck everywhere as much as they do in Hull? Because here they are really rubbish. You come out of a club at 2ish, and either queue for 2 hours of ring a taxi and they tell you they'll be there at 4. Either way, you're standing around in the cold for two hours. Not that I really have a reason to complain, I'm not needing a taxi tonight. My sister is though. She rang me just before 2 to say she'd ran out of firms to ring and she needed someone to go through the phone book and find more. *sigh*

I got my mum to do it, which involved waking her up. I wouldn't have done, but Jennie asked me to wake her up anyway, and once I had, she asked me to ring taxis while sitting on the floor in her room. No thanks. When I use the phone, I do it well out of earshot of everyone else. (don't know why...) Well, after half an hour of ringing, she finally got one that could send a taxi in 20 minutes. So yay. And then Jennie says she's forgotten her key. "Oh it's fine, Catherine's up." says my mum. Yeah, don't even consider the fact that I might be planning on going to bed before 4am tonight (because don't anyone be fooled into thinking that taxi will be there when they said it will!)

So now I'm sitting around drinking coffee and eating chocolate digestives while reading Stargate fanfic. Which to be honest is probably exactly what I would have been doing anyway, only now when I'm tired tomorrow, I can blame Jennie! Hee! So I don't know what I'm complaining about really.

But seriously, do taxis suck this much everywhere? Because I have only lived in Hull and Graz. And in Graz they're great, there are millions sitting outside every club and pub all night. But that's different because it's Austria. There, they plan busses to arrive at times like 14:07 and they actually do...

I'm rambling, aren't I? Well, back to the fanfic :)

(Oh, went to the Spanish class the other night. It was okay, not sure though. But I'm going to the next one anyway. Ta for the encouragement!)
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