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Spanish class

I don't know if this Spanish class is too easy for me. I've already done some the stuff we're learning, but I have forgotten it, so there is no way I could do a more advanced class without this reminder. And there has been some stuff I had no idea about, but they are moving incredibly slowly. Like the teacher will explain something incredible simple, and the class will spend ten minutes discussing it. I don't know if they genuinely don't understand it of if they are just paranoid they might forget...

Maybe I have just been spoiled by having done other languages, maybe it just seems easy because I did the same thing in German or Dutch or something. Whatever, it's incredibly frustrating. I mean, homework for this week - a few grammar exercises and "Write 60 words about your last holiday." I'd expect that a few weeks into a beginner's class. In fact, that's what we were doing in first year German. Still, I probably look as baffled as everyone else, only I'm wondering why everyone's still rambling about the different kinds of past tense, not trying to work out random examples of them in English or asking what is imperfect about the imperfect tense.

On the other hand, it makes a nice change not to be the worse student in the class!
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