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I think I've just been insulted

I had to go to the job centre today for a meeting about New Deal. Apparently the new deal is that you do exactly what they tell you or you don't get any money. Hmm. Fair enough, if it helps me get a job I'm up for that. And the bloke I had to see told me there's even a thing about web design you can do.

He talked to me a bit. At first it looked like he was going to act like a total git. He was going "I don't think you've been putting any effort at all into looking for a job!" I told him he was wrong, but I don't know what he thought. I don't know what he was on about either. Oh well.

So I go back next week and then I start on some course thing that's all about interview skills, applying for jobs and some other stuff. Then I do some other stuff after that, but he didn't get into that. But the funny thing is, he was explaining all this random stuff to me, and one of the things was that they have this fund so that people who don't have any decent clothes get given money to buy some to wear to interviews. He must have thought I looked a right scruffpot, because he mentioned this over and over again. Like he obviously thought the reason I hadn't got any job offers is that I turn up at interviews wearing jeans and a T-shirt! Well, I don't. I've got better clothes, I have 2 decent pairs of trousers and a few posh T-shirts that are fine for that stuff. I think they're fine anyway. Maybe they aren't... Maybe I do need something posher... But anyway, there's no way I'm going to ask the job centre for money to buy something!

And I think he must have thought I was a bit thick. He told me three times that he "wasn't trying to insult my intelligence, everyone has to do this," but then he went and told me that I couldn't ask for money for clothes after the interview I needed them for! WTF?! Oh damn, what if I decide to go back in time then? But it's all good, because I would never even consider asking them to help me buy clothes! Hahaha! As if! Even though when I got home and mentioned it to my mum, she said I should. She said if they're offering I should take. Erm..I don't think so.

Anyhoo, if I'm gonna be out of the house doing this course stuff and everything, we are so going to have to get the computers networked, or else I'll never get online. My mum owns the computer all evening, I only get on during the day and at stupid times like 3am.
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