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I've been so good with not buying stuff recently. Mostly, it's true, this is because I have been to depressed to drag myself in town and when I did go, I just went to the job centre or wherever I needed to be and then came straight home. But today I was feeling all happy for no apparent reason. So I went for a wonder around, and found the Back To The Future trilogy for £17. So I had to get it. Then I wondered some more, got me a Ghostbusters poster (Yay! Been after one for ages!) and another website design book. I don't really need most of the stuff in it, but it had a section on improving the layout of sites, making them not look awful. And that's my main problem, I think. So I got it. But it's not like I've been spending that much all the time, this is the first time in a while. And it was only about £30. Oddly though, I completely forgot to go to the comic shop!

Hmm, election tomorrow. Oh, and my Spanish class. Must do the pointless homework before I go.
Tags: movies, random tv, web design
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