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Someone is spamming my e-mail! Every time I log in, I've got about 300 new messages, all saying nothing. And with an attachment with a virus. It's very annoying. I've just been deleting them, but just now I nearly deleted an e-mail I wanted, so if anyone has sent me mail and I don't reply, it'll be because I've accidentally deleted it! Sorry! I think I only got the junk though.

I've worked out the problem with the Spanish class. It's two of the students, two women who sit at the other side of the room to me. I don't want to be mean, because they seem nice enough, and they are really trying, but they are just no good at it. Take today for example. We had to do a couple of excursuses. Everyone else got them finished in about ten minutes. Twenty minutes after that, the teacher was still round the other side of the room explaining to these two for the 50th time how to do something. It's not their fault really, I think it's probably the teacher. You can't move the class at the pace of the slowest student. If you did that, no one would even learn anything. Which is, in fact, what is happening in the Spanish class. Because by the time we move on to something else, the rest of us have lost the will to live. I really did spend twenty minutes of that class helping the woman next to me change bits of her homework. And then there was the half hour at the start where we had to read out the homework we'd done and these two stumbled over every word while the teacher tried to correct their grammar as they read. I mean, I could probably teach the class better! Well, okay, no I couldn't. But this is just crazy.

And then at the end, the teacher mentioned in passing that there was a week off for half term soon, and we didn't have a class the week after that either, so we were having an extra one at the end, and I swear, no word of a lie, those two women needed ten minutes of checking and double checking the dates and discussing it to make sure they had it right! Aaaaaaaagh!!! They were still at it when I finally got bored and left, a while after the class was meant to have ended. For all I know, they are still there now, wondering which weeks they aren't there.

I feel a bit mean for the moaning, but I think it's justified! :-D

Anyway, I got lots of my Traders story written earlier today. I’m a bit worried that it’s crap though. I just can’t get Grant quite right. I think I’m going to have to go over it a couple of million times, but it should be finished pretty soon. Maybe. Been a while since I finished a fic. Well, I did finish a short Atlantis PWP the other night, but I doubt I’ll post that.

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

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