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An experiment...

I'm conducting a not very scientific experiment. Every time I drink orange juice, eat an apple or eat some other kinds of fruit, I get a headache. This is either because these things give me a headache or because it's some kind of weird co-incidence. It's very annoying, because basically it means that whenever I decide to eat healthily, I end up gulping down painkillers and feeling anything but healthy! So I didn't have orange juice or apples or any of the other stuff for a few weeks. Still had a few headaches, but obviously they weren't caused by that. So now, since I woke up today feeling completely headache-free, I just ate two apples. If I get a headache later, I'm going to be more convinced.

I know might have got a headache later anyway, though. And I might just end up giving myself one by thinking about it. But still, I'm interested to see what happens...
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