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It's monday...

I know it's been said before, but I don't like mondays. It's the day before Tuesday, which means the new SGA (and SG-1) are so close, but still really far away. It's kinda like waiting in a long queue that goes around a corner. Eventually you reach the corner, which it good becuase you are closer to the thing you're waiting for, but now you can see it, and also see how far away it is. Does that make any sense? No? Good.

Watched The 4400 last night. It was good. And an unexpected bonus - it had the song from Kingdom Hospital on it. I like that song. I never realised while I was watching KH. Talking of KH, I might get the DVDs.

Just under 32 hours to the next SGA ep...
Tags: random tv, sga
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