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I really need to get on with writing! I'm meant to be writing Traders fic! I promised sivib I would! She wrote hers (everyone who sees this, go and read it, it's here) and I've been writing mine for... forever, I think! I just keep not being able to think of how to do it! Or else getting distracted by playing Spider Solitaire and Minesweeper and stuff. I suck! Today for example I wrote about 2 sentences! Pathetic! But on the plus side I did get an idea for another one that I will write when this one is done. But at the rate I'm going, that won't be written for another few years! Well, slight exageration! Anyway, I am so going to get it done. By... the end of the week, I think. Friday. Or Saturday. Or maybe Sunday...

I hate when I go through these phases of not being able to write, it's so frustrating! But it will get done! I promise!
Tags: fanfic, traders
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