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The interview sucked. It think it's fairly safe to say I didn't get the job!

I got there on time, at least. But I'm not really sure whether it's a good sign if an interview only lasts ten minutes! The woman interviewing me told me a bit about the job, and to be honest, I'm not sure I wanted it anyway. It sounded a bit pants! I didn't really understand it though, something to do with being in charge of sending stuff to one of the companies they supply. I don't know, since I've never done anything like that I didn't really understand it.

Basically, the woman interviewing me told me about the company, told me what I would be doing if I got the job, asked me if I had any questions (at which point my mind went blank and had to say no, even though I've been told you should ask something) and that was it. She didn't really interview me, she never really asked me anything at all. A bit of a weird interview! Which is why I think she just decided not to waste her time doing the interview when I was obviously not going to get the job. I think I give off some kind of "I'd be rubbish at this" vibe. But who knows, maybe that's how everyone was interviewed. She did say that if I was successful, I'd be asked back for another interview with someone else. That might be a real one. I don't think I'll be asked back though. I got a definite impression that she wasn't impressed!

Never mind.
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