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I don't know what to do about the SGA DVDs!

I bought the first one, but that's it so far. I like commentaries on DVDs, and for some reason they don't have them. I've never bought individual DVDs of SG1, so I don't know if they have them on there, but I think they do. So this gets me thinking, if the SG1 ones have commentaries on the individual and box set releases, (except for the latest series which doesn't have them on the individual ones) is there any point waiting for the box set of SGA, or will that probably not have them either? I mean the region 2 box set, the one that no one has any idea when it will be out yet. I'm pretty sure the region 1 set will have them, but I'd rather get the region 2 if it exists. It's easier that way. But I really, really want those commentaries.

So I don't know if I should just keep buying the individual ones (and catch up on the 2 I haven't got yet), wait for the region 2 box set (whenever that will be) or get the region 1 box set as soon as it's out because it's probably the only way I'll get the commentaries.

Or maybe I should stop caring about the commentaries... (Even though I want them!)

Aaaaagh! What should I do?!
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