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Apparently our computer is messed up. My mum told me what she could remember about what the bloke who was looking at it told her, but she dodn't know what he was on about, so it makes no sense! But it's something about something inside that has been warped by too much head and could break at any time. Which for some reason meant that he couldn't install XP on it, and then couldn't get ME to work either. So he gave it back to my mum, suggesting another one she could buy for £400. £400 is a bit more than she was wanting to pay to get the computers networked! So she messed about with it for a while and got ME to work, and now she is trying to decide whether to buy this other computer or keep this one. I am very doubtful that we will end up getting them networked at all now. Still a chance, I guess, but my mum is very paranoid about her computer! And I really doubt she will want to fork out £400 for a new one! So I guess I will just hve to wait and see what she does. And in the meantime, not only do we have hardly any programs installed, but all the files from the C drive are stored on this bloke's other computer.

Anyway, neeeed sleeeeep. Too tired to think

btw, sorry for any spelling errors, no programs are installed to check it!
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