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Me being an idiot

This new deal course starts tomorrow. I really hope it's not going to be as rubbish as it sounds. I'd hate to think I have to give up two weeks for something that's going to be completely useless. It sounds like it's going to be completely useless, anyway. I mean, they sent me a letter about it (and the font they chose to use was comic sans, think they might be trying to look nice and friendly?) obviously made in Publisher, complete with Word Art headings that look like they were done by a kid in year 8. The suckyness of the computer means I can't scan it let people mock, but here is what it says:

What's in it for me? [this it in a big blue wavy word art with a dark blue shadow]

Meeting new people [great, not like I hate meeting new people or anything. especially big groups of them, that's one of my most favourite things]
Competing in team activities [aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Noooooooooooooo!]
Having a laugh [not likely, but I'll give it a chance]
Using computers [Not as much as I would at home though]
The chance to win prizes for project work and team activities [prizes, good. Team stuff, not so much]
An afternoon of bowling [fantastic. Enforced socialisation]
Having fun [which isn't the same as 'Having a laugh'? Or did they just want something else to say?]

Okay, sorry. I'm being an idiot. I've been doing a lot of that recently, ignore me. I'm sure I'll have a wonderful time. I'm just slightly terrified. Sounds not unlike school.

On the plus side, they do say something about how it might help out with getting a job, but they really do seem to like emphasising that having fun/having a laugh/teamwork/lets all go bowling thing.

Anyway, best get to bed so I wake up before 11 tomorrow.
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