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another 6 days to the next Atlantis...

I wonder why James never rang me back. He rang a week ago on Monday and said he'd ring back on Thursday, but he didn't. Oh well. I'm rubbish at talking to him anyway, so maybe it's for the best.

Last night's episode of Atlantis was so good! I watched it again an hour after it finished! I would have watched it straight away, but Teachers was on. There was another funny Star Trek reference in Poisoning the Well too. Pretty much the only funny moment in it, because it was a serious ep. It was all about Beckett, so much that McKay was hardly in it, but that didn't matter. Oddly. Beckett is almost as good as McKay though. In fact if he was in it more often, them might have to have a fight to win 'best character' place. Or not. Well, I think McKay will always be my favourite really. I mean, just watch Hot Zone and you'll know why!
Tags: real life, sga, teachers
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