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I have the internet in my room! I am in my room, on the internet. How cool is that? No more fighting with my mum over it, or having to stay up till 2 in the morning just to check my e-mail.

The course wasn't that bad. I have no idea how useful it's going to be, but it at least looks like it will be tolerable for two weeks. Everyone seems nice enough, and they all thing the team building stuff is a waste of time too. So that's got to be a good thing. Although if they did that thing like on Traders where everyone goes paintballing as a team building thing, that would have been cool. Never mind though! :)

And another thing that's pretty good is they repay our busfare for getting there and back, and give us tokens for free tea and coffee, and a free lunch. Although it's not so good that they seem to think tuna counts as vegetarian. So I don't get much variety, but hey, it's free!
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