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I have got rid of the spyware! At least, I think I have. I can get into my e-mail now, at least. That was so frustrating! And now, my mum has banned everyone from using 'her' computer because she doesn't want it to get messed up. Well, fair enough I guess. Except that that one's supposed to be everyone's computer. And it's got a nice shiny new DVD writer on it. So I'm happy enough to use mine for the internet, but I'm not going to not use 'hers' at all. And if mine bodges up for some reason (it is 5 years old, and it's started going really slowly) I'm going to use the other one. (Or else insist she buys me a new one, hehehe!)

Anyway, I'm going to celebrate by watching Traders, I have still got one I haven't seen yet. Oh, and I watched Where The Heart Is last night. And it was good. I thought (based mostly on the title) that it would be really awful, so I was pleasantly surprised. The ending was a bit too happy for my tastes though!
Tags: computer, david hewlett, movies, traders
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