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Try this: Put on some of your favourite music, plug in some in-ear headphones, turn the volume up full, then put the headphones in your mouth. It sounds good. Weird, that. Doesn't sound better than having it at a normal volume and them in your ears, but it's about the same. And it makes you look a bit crazy, which is always fun.

I've got a headache. Not a really bad one but it's not good either, and it's getting worse. I just don't seem to be able to shift it. Stupid orange juice. And yes, I am blaming the OJ instead of the vodka. I'm pretty sure I'm right too.

Anyway, I think I'll watch the ep of Boston Legal I taped last night, then get something to eat and watch Doctor Who. Then I'll maybe rewatch House, maybe Traders, then Shawn of the Dead is on at 10. I like it when everyone is out. I don't need to feel guilty about sitting around watching TV all day. Anyway, I shouldn't feel guilty about it. I have every right to. I've got a headache.
Tags: doctor who, house, traders
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