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Bad Wolf

Cool episode of Doctor Who! I thought it was going to be a bit stupid. Well, it was a bit stupid, but in a Doctor Who kind of way, so that's okay. I hope they are going to finish explaining this Bad Wolf stuff next week and not leave us hanging till next year. That wouldn't, would they? OMG, that makes me think - only one more episode with Christopher Eccleston. That's so sad!

I thought it was pretty funny the way they showed random scenes with Bad Wolf being mentioned, just to remind everyone. I thought it was stupid a first then I thought, hey, maybe there are people out there who don't obsessively research every little facet of every show they watch. There might be people who haven't noticed this stuff at all. Even after the glaringly obvious reference last week. I wonder if there are?

I'm very confused. I really don't want to series to end, but I can't wait to see what happens next. But once I've seen the next ep, that's it. Till next year or whenever, anyway.

Yay, Daleks! I knew they were going to be back, but still, yay. And also boo, considering what they are probably going to do to the Doctor. The series has gone so fast though, it's hard to believe it's already been 12 episodes. One more week till I have no programs to watch on a Saturday. What am I going to do then?!

Y'know, I like captain Jack. He's funny. I didn't think I was going to like him in the first episode he was in, but he by the next one I did, now I think I prefer him to Rose. It's a shame I hate Doctor/anyone because after that ep I'm guessing there'll be a lot of good slash appearing. I may have to read it anyway. Even I have to admit the Doctor looked a bit jealous telling him to stop flirting with everyone!

Damn, I think I'm being corrupted by this new series. No. Must resist any shippy urges. It's just wrong. It's the Doctor!

I wonder if Jack's going to be in the next series. I hope so. With everything that's got to happen in the last episode, it'll be hard to resolve that missing 2 years of his memory thing, and it'd suck to give him an interesting back story then just not bother!
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